Blue is twofold.  It is a color of course, and it is a state of mind that I know only too well and if I garner the courage I will speak more about that on this blog.  If I cannot my images will serve as the blue barometer.

While shooting this beautiful blue truck only the colored version was with me and for that I am glad.  This old Chevy and I are kindreds.  We are both in our 60s and holding up alright to time’s erosion.  We both love to admire the ocean alone.

These images were taken with my Contax T2.  I used 2 other cameras on this shoot (a Hasselblad and an Olympus 35RC) but those taken with the Contax are the most pleasing.  Fill-flash was a big help.  It is a wonderful and robust camera.  I love that it sits looped to my belt in its suede pouch for spontaneity’s sake.   While it has no manual ISO setting, adjustment is easy with the plus or minus 2 exposure compensation dial.  The images have wonderful contrast and punch.   Sometimes its focus is a bit fidgety, but with practice it’s fairly easy to minimize mis-hits.

I wish to all an awash in the color blue.Chevy's Stern

House of the Owner of the Blue Chevy


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