• Thanks Jeff. I have dabbled in all manner of film camera. The Nikon F6 to me is the pinnacle 35mm camera bar none. And I am not using top of the line lenses. This was consumer grade 35mm. The meter is absolutely infallible. I shot into the sun, shadows, sand, you name it and the meter got it right every time. The shutter is very unique. I have a hard time distinguishing between the sound of 1/125th versus 1/1000th of a second. Until seeing the images from these rolls I was skeptical, thinking there was something wrong. If the F6 was not so full of electronics I would sell all of my other 35mm cameras and use it with my old Nikon glass. I was inspired to try this camera from the website The Nikon F6 Project. Some great stuff on there. It IS time for me to thin the herd, I am a bit on the obsessive side. I appreciate your continuing interest in my imagery, I have been working hard at it for going on 8 years, starting as a means to deal with grief, and feel like I’m finally “growing up” as a photographer….L.

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