Finding a Sea Horse

Not likely to see icy conditions of this scale for a time, Newport’s south shore was the destination today.  These images are from King’s Beach, reached from a short side road from Ocean Drive.  Wind conditions were mild today making it quite pleasant to be outside.  The New England shore’s rugged rock formations from jagged edges and forced unions beckon the glacier’s unyielding violence shaping the earth, peppering it with remnants from afar.  Walking on the formations must be done gingerly from the ice.  Falling into the sea along would not be a Martha Stewart “good thing”.  I found a creviced piece of driftwood and my Rorschached brain right away produced the shape of a sea horse.  A few images of the beautiful object are shown.  I took it home.  I will think of something to make from it.

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Husband, dad, photographer, old camera lover, lawyer.

2 thoughts on “Finding a Sea Horse

    1. Thanks Jeff. The X100F is a wonderful camera. I shoot black and white with the camera 75% of the time using the Fuji Acros simulation, here with the yellow filter setting. On Emulsive an article was posted late last year comparing Fuji’s digital and film Acros images side by side. L.


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