Domenico and Rollei

I met Domenico from a mutual friend, Kali, while doing the Project 365.  Kali saw that Domenico was posting film images and said to saunter to my page.  From that connection has come friendship.  While traveling from Rome on business in the US, Domenico took the time to visit me in Bristol.  The fruits of photography continue to blossom for me, and this friendship along with Kali’s is of the sweetest taste.  Domenico is kind, thoughtful, insightful, and undoubtedly a loyal and true friend and knowing him along with my friendship Kali is a duet of privilege.  Today we took a walk on a glorious day through the Sachuest Point Wildlife Refuge, then we went into downtown Newport where we were invited to tour the restoration of the fabled motor-sailer the Coronet at the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport.  We smelled the sweetness of milled cedar in the workshop and viewed the rising skeleton of the Coronet on the path to renewed glory.   Domenico is shown here completing a roll of film with a Rolleiflex for sending to Kali in New Zealand for a double exposure collaboration.  I will shoot my own roll and sent the tandem off for Kali to work her whimsical magic.   This was one of my most cherished days.   L.Domenico and Rollei

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