Azorean Blues

The Villa Franca do Campo festival was a joyous event.  The entire populace comes to the central square flanked by the church and streets illuminated from dazzling lights at around 9 p.m. to the tune of fireworks.  The fireworks blast hourly each day along with the chime of the church bells.  On this night, a fantastic blues band played.  The band also played a series of songs known by the community.  Villagers sat along the terraced steps of the church facing the stage, and everyone clapped along to the time worn words and notes.

I stood out like a sore thumbed curiosity in the village with my pasty Irish skin from  Mary Josephine Buckley genes, and from being tall and carrying a fancy camera.  I introduced myself to the guitarist and we chatted a bit, and I think the band enjoyed being subjected to my camera.


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