Cady, Zeiss Super Ikonta B

Two Bows


Experimenting with this beautiful folding camera.  I used Ilford HP4 film.  The lens is sharp, I had to increase the contrast of the images very slightly in Lightroom to give them a bit more pop.  I don’t have a lens hood and it would be a good accessory, I believe not using one detracted some from the contrast out of the camera.  Shooting old film cameras is a great joy, and a challenge.  German cameras in particular have a greater learning curve than those made in other places.  They are precise and exacting, a mirror to the German society itself.  On this roll I only achieved 6 frames since I did not properly wind the 120 film up to the starting point before closing the back.  It will be interesting to see the results from color negative film, especially if I can find a proper lens hood.


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