Why Me-ju(ii)?

This is a cultish camera.  I was hesitant to buy into the hype, but I found a nice one for a good price, so what the hey.  I have read lots of reviews panning the camera, not enough this and that they say.  To me, a camera is about the shooting experience and of course the image quality.  There is certainly no interaction with this camera other than framing and deciding whether to use flash or exposure compensation.  It’s great to take it to a family party and blow the room out with flash.  The crowd is intrigued by the Mju’s small size and its retro design.  I must say, I really enjoy shooting it.  It slides easily into the pocket and feels very good in the hand.  As for the results, well, you decide.  I did not edit any of these images but for minor crops.  Sometimes I used flash, sometimes I turned it off.  It is a fun camera that I will definitely keep.

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