Black and White and Everything in Between

These images mirror my mood of late.  Having lost a daughter to the flu, this virus and the madness afloat has me filled with overwhelming anxiety.   I spent a good deal of time yesterday getting my office prepared in case we are forced to close.   I am going to see A Tale of Two Cities at Trinity Rep Theater on Friday night unless things change.  The theater is cautioning people about attending but as of now, the show is still on.  I will attend unless stopped from doing so, even though our governor advised people like me (over 60) not to attend large group functions.   I will take ordinary precautions and hope for the best.   I have to live my life.  Larry David wears a Make America Great Again Hat to ward off people.  Right now, that sounds like a good idea.

Dock at Colt ParkShore

1 thought on “Black and White and Everything in Between

  1. kali66nz says:

    I can only imagine how triggering this is for you, hope you enjoy the performance.


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