Quiet in the Gathering Storm

After a very trying day, it felt good to spend some time near the bay.  Providence was a ghost town at 5:00 p.m. and Colt Park did not have its usual gathering of walkers admiring the sunset.  I will as always use my camera to persevere.

I shot these images with my Nikon D 850.  The lens on all but the ducks in Bristol Harbor was the beautiful Nikkor 20mm F4 manual lens that was a favorite of Galen Rowell.  The ducks were shot with the Nikkor 135mm F 2.8.  I like using legacy lenses with the D850 a) because it is a nice change and b) because these older primes are light and still capable.  Digital images are too clinical for my tastes.  Regardless, I enjoy what they offer up.

I have been using Capture One for fiddling with the colors.  I can’t be bothered with spending lots of time editing images.  I like using the presets, particularly the Cinematic ones that tend to a greenish hue.  One click and it’s done.

Tomorrow is another day of putting one foot in front of the other and trying to stay in the moment.  Peace and health to all.

Roger Willams
The world is askew. That is what I thought when tilting the camera to take this picture.

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