Back From The Doctor (Again)

My M6 returned from its second hospitalization today.  I have decided something just this moment.   I’ll call her Mary.  That was my mother’s name.  Mary Josephine Buckley in fact.  Mary was a fiery Irishwoman and she tended to go a little haywire sometimes, just like me….and the new Mary.  The new Mary has been to the finest hospitals in the world.  She spent a day with me at Youxin Ye’s home where she got her inners put back together and tuned, or so I thought.  The camera’s meter indicators were always dull, and I just assumed that was how things should be.  But eventually the meter gave up the ghost.  Mary sat around in injured state for a good 6 months.   I decided it was time to send her back for surgery.  Youxin does not do electrical repairs, so I turned to Don Goldberg of DAG Camera in Wisconsin.  Don came highly recommended by JR Smith who participated in our Victoria photo project.  JR has a wonderful blog called Fogdog.  Don was great.  My description of Mary’s malady made him curious, so he put on his gloves and opened her up.  It turns out that the metering switch was faulty, a common thing on the M6.  Don replaced the part with a new and better Leica part.  The meter indicators are bright as day, and the camera is working beautifully.   It’s good to have her back. The new and old Marys and I will enjoy many chats together, thanks to Don.

Yes, that is my guitar in the background.  I have tried and dreadfully failed at learning to play, but will give it another try.  Another diversion will be good to cleanse my mind of the terrible state of the world.


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