Fishing in New England

This is a threadbare kedge anchor shackle. It could easily have failed when fetching the anchor. I am sure there are many kedges sitting on the sea bottom from failed shackles like this. This one is surely to be refit with a new shackle with attendant nylon line to combat abrasion.

I love noodling around the small fishing port at Sakonnet Point.  The port is dwarfed in size by the massive fleets in Galilee (Narragansett) and New Bedford.  Fishermen have a hard life wrought with danger.  All too often, news comes of a ship lost at sea along with the men.  I will make it a point soon to visit early in the morning when a boat is readying for sea.  I have only been here once when a crew was processing haul.  Here are some images of some tools used in the industry.  All images were shot with my treasured Leica M10 and 50mm Summicron.  This lens is a true joy in all respects and if I had one to choose from the many I own across all systems, this would be the one.  I installed a -3 diopter on the M10 for avoiding use of eyeglasses and find it is much easier to see in and out of the viewfinder frame-lines to compose.

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