April 11, Quarantine Relief

I took a drive to Ocean Drive in Newport today.   There was a stiff northerly wind, so the seas on the southern Rhode Island coast were benign.  All of the parking lots are closed, so to take pictures I had to stop on the roadside temporarily and even that is perilous from the state police ticketing violators.  Thankfully, a slew of police cars were occupied with an unfortunate soul who seems to have had more issues than parking violations and my conduct was ignored.  Colt State Park is completely shut down now and there are police or state workers in vehicles discouraging any form of entry.   I am glad for the government stepping in to protect people from themselves.  It is good, at least at the state level, to have leadership evoking clarity. I have at least a dozen rolls of film needing processing and will send the color rolls to a new lab, Old School Photo in New Hampshire, since they are highly regarded in the film community.  When I overcome nagging fatigue and laziness, I’ll develop the black and white rolls at home.  These images were shot with a Ricoh GR III and the seascapes were processed using VSCO, Provia film simulation. The GR III is a camera I very much enjoy.   The lens is very good, and the controls are readily accessible and logical.  I carry it in a holster attached to my belt.  A niggle is the lens has vignetting issues, but that is correctible in Lightroom.

Bailey's Beach

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