the Skyline of providence

Leica M10, Zeiss 35/2

Some thoughts come to mind after putting up this post. The sensor in the Leica M10 is extremely good. Lots of detail was retained in the “under bridge” shot. I took the image intending a completely black “frame” but decided to raise the shadows to show some detail in Lightroom. The Zeiss 35mm F2 is a delightful lens in use. The focusing ring and step-less aperture allow quick creative control and the colors coupled with the Leica sensor are beautiful. Maybe it is me, but I don’t see the same clinical sharpness in the images coming from this combination that I see from other digital cameras. Native Leica lenses emphasize this quality even more. Lastly, a Leica M is the closest thing to a point and shoot camera I know of. Set the aperture and shutter speed and depth of field, and the viewfinder becomes irrelevant aside from framing. From the hip shooting just works silently and effectively. That is how I was able to capture the gull in flight. From my experience with gulls, I knew there would be near point where the gull would take flight. And it did.

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