Alone, Sea

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    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Thanks Jeff. I deleted the earlier one. I had to fiddle with the foreground. Shooting the rollei into the sun left lots of flare in the rocks. I used the miracle of Viveza to change the gray rocks on the right to match the left side color, then used dehazer to remove flare/haze in the center. Brought up the exposure a bit with adjustment brush for the left foreground. Software can work miracles. I would like to bring down the exposure of the man to black but have no idea how to easily do that. I’m just going to leave it be. The sky is as shot, Ektar is great for seascapes. My monitors have very different color renderings of images. Desktop dell is way different than Apple laptop monitor. Will have to try to calibrate the Dell, the Apple is very good. Apple monitor was used for this one.


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