Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

The ride to Arlington (north of Boston) was fairly uneventful.  Only 45 minutes longer than expected.  It was sunny and the bridge stood out against the blue sky.  On the ride home it was raining and the traffic was snarled for many miles, so why not take some pictures to pass the time?  This is a beautiful bridge, concept designed by the famed Christopher Menn of Switzerland.  The stays are emblematic of the rigging of the USS Constitution docked close by.


2 thoughts on “Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Hi Jesus, I agree. I just loaded my 6X9 RRS pinhole. That camera is a devil to load! I have 14 rolls of film for development. Going the lazy route with the lab. There will be an onslaught of film images here in the next few weeks.


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