American Acrimony

Our country is electrified from acrimony today.  The acrimony is fueled by a confrontational President, the media, and by the people.  The Democratic side, once the solid bastion of Roosevelt’s ideals is in tatters, trying to find a message that resonates.  The other is in power, but is a tenuous power, tepidly riding on the coat-tails of an unpredictable head of state.  Harley Davidson is moving production to Europe in part.  The President used this act to fuel the fire of his base, and it works.  The Harley riders in Sturgis are confused.  Do they stay loyal to the American icon that identified them?  Or do they rebel, something so rooted in their culture?  These signs are telling.  They are full of misspellings, but made to be seen.  They come from anger and frustration.  They are fuel for the President’s uncontrollable wild


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