There are Subjects if You Look

I have wandered the streets of my hometown for years taking pictures.  Often I find myself at a loss, like I am running out of subjects.  This sometimes leads to pressing the shutter when I know the image won’t be good, and that is not something I like doing but it happens…a lot.  I suppose at this point I am delving into the nooks and crannies of Bristol and here are some of the results.

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Husband, dad, photographer, old camera lover, lawyer.

2 thoughts on “There are Subjects if You Look

    1. Sage words Butch. And very true. I have walked the Providence River countless times, and unexpectedly came across the band practicing the other night. I am getting better at asking strangers for portraits too, I enjoy that very much. Most of the recent portraits have been people fishing from the pier or shore. It’s an easy intro, talk about the catch, strike up a little conversation and then, a portrait!


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