On Being a Photographer

On Being a PhotographerI am re-reading a book I received from taking an extension course at the RI School of Design with John Hames, a local photographer as the leader.   It is called On Being a Photographer.  David Hurn is featured in a rolling interview.  Reading it today, after many more years of shooting, his point about having a purpose when one shoots is very meaningful.  I rarely have a specific intent when I go out for walks, in part because they are intermittent and often a means to break up a dreary work day.   He speaks to several components to street photos.  Where to stand, and how to compose and when one sees a scene of interest snapping several images hoping one will capture an interesting image.  I did not have the luxury of several images or of lots of contemplation for this shot.  I intended shooting the green pants of the woman in the stairway, then I saw the man with his dog walking on and I decided to wait and got in a spot I thought would work.   It is nothing special, but demonstrates the time-worn understanding of a man and his dog having similar character.  I wonder if the woman was thinking this as they passed?  It’s an example of my haphazard process, one I hope to improve.

I will finish the book and then try to become more focused on intent.  I think it will make my images and stories told better but time will tell.  Doing this is hard for me, I often have trouble concentrating.  But it is certainly worth a try.

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