PVD Donuts

It is probably evident that I love the coffee shop scene.  Today was a visit to PVD Donuts, originally started as a “pop up” but it gained traction fast and is now a permanent fixture on the east side of Providence, expanding the dining area soon.  There are some very cool ceiling lamps surely designed by an artist.  A couple sat next to me and left their huge, sugary puffs on the table.  It turns out one of them is a diabetic who was on a sugar bender for lunch.  I told him to pre-dial 911 before the first bite!  Providence is a wonderful small and livable city.  From the presence of great universities, especially Rhode Island School of Design, the arts community including the culinary arts are vibrant.  This is an offshoot of the arts scene here.  And on top of it, the owner is a nice young man.


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