Elegance, More Musings on Fuji X and Lensbaby

The Lensbaby Composer 50 is a lot of fun, a good way to break up the photography doldrums.   One is counseled to start slow using smaller apertures, but what fun is that?  Zero.  All the way for me!  Largest aperture is F 2.8 on this one, and using the Fuji XT3 the focus peaking works well to isolate the narrow zone of focus, so this is a great pairing.  It’s fun to stretch highlights and backgrounds with the Lensbaby.   I have had the lens for a few years but have not used it all that much, and my Fuji has sat idle from being enthralled with the Leica system.

My last few forays with the Fuji have involved using adapted lenses, a Helios bokeh monster, and then an incredible Nikon 180 mm prime lens.  Yes, the Fuji lenses are fantastic, but I haven’t been able to warm up to their perfection after experiencing the rendering from the Leica digital system.  I don’t know if this preference comes from the Leica or from my more measured approach when using it.

Perhaps this weekend I’ll play with Fuji on Fuji a bit, maybe dirty up some black and white with the grain settings.  I do like the Acros film simulation very much on this camera….Fuji also has a new Eterna cinema film simulation that is cool….This and my last posted images were shot with Classic Chrome.   For a great laugh, read Emulsive’s Aunt Bernice’s recent rant about the new rage of shooting the new Kodak chrome film.   Aunt Bernice is the cat’s meow, and she employs her cats for baudy humor.

Victoria’s anniversary is this upcoming Friday, so at Isabel’s suggestion I’ll do a training run this weekend, and do some shooting on Sunday and tomorrow with my beastly Pentax 67 and companion digital shots…..Thank you Isabel for your effusive support!

This mannequin along with her nearby “sister” have me gripped.  I often stop to photograph them on the way home from work.  Their hats and garb are constantly changing, and their eyes are mesmerizingly beautiful.



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