Herreshoff Marine Museum

I visited the Museum today with my brother Joe.  One marvels at the beauty of these vessels.  The hardware was all built on-site as were the steam engines.  After providing service to our country in World War II from construction of PT Boats and Minesweepers, the company went out of business but the boats remain treasured possessions, regularly sailed in the Northeastern US and elsewhere.  Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of Nathaniel Herreshoff’s fabled S Boat and there will be great celebrations of this boat, one of the finest sailing vessels ever made.  I hope to have the opportunity to crew on some races during the celebration.  The featured image is the beautiful vessel named Wee Winn, built before 1900.  It has a bronze rudder and keel.  Remarkable is the scale model of the Reliance, an America’s Cup winner built in the Herreshoff yard.  The scale model was built in the museum by dedicated volunteers.


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