Mount Hope Shore, Crown Graphic

I took a 2 hour walk and took 3 images with my Crown Graphic 4 X 5.  The shoreline image was taken with the Crown Graphic, the others with my Leica.  Compared to the images of the shoreline scene taken with my digital camera the film image has much more dynamic range.  For this image I used Kodak TMax 100…I enjoy the slow process shooting 4 X 5 film.  The featured images is about 1/2 mile from King Phillip’s Chair.  This post is for Phillip Rea, the king of his own growing brood…..

King Phillip's Chair
This is King Phillip’s Chair, the place where he held court over tribe matters. He was eventually killed by the settlers after a vicious war. This land is now owned by Brown University and was recently the subject of occupation and protests from King Phillip’s descendants, claiming ownership of the land. It is wonderful to walk in these forests, they are largely untouched. Taken with my digital camera.
Mount Hope Shore Black and white
Crown Graphic Special, Nikon 150mm F 5.6. F32, either 1/4 or 1/2 second….I think the lens has some haze in the center….
Crown Graphic
Taken with my Leica M240, 50 Summicron.

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