Revisiting a Camera That Helped to Save My Life

After my daughter Victoria passed away things were very much touch and go.  I experienced a traumatic series of events that haunt to this day.  This has gotten better from learned tools to deflect the harrowing flashbacks.  I truly did not know if I could go on with life.  At that time I needed an outlet and I dipped my toe into photography using a Nikon D40.  The need was clear – I remember driving home from Providence and my overburdened mind went into semi-consciousness.  When my senses returned and without knowing how, I found myself crossing the Braga Bridge ten miles past my exit.  Photography helped me through this mental quagmire.  My friend Alayne was kind enough to offer me a camera collecting dust in her closet.  I opened the bag and lo and hehold,, it was a D40 (the X version with 4 more megapixels).  I will shoot it the rest of this week as a means of thanks to this simple little box that was of help in a time of need.

Since the time of the D40 cameras like the rest of technology have taken quantum leaps.  I have learned that technology is not the means to making an image that reflects the soul.  This comes from the soul itself.


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