Home, Nils’ Visit July 2020

Another post, this time showing “home”.  In the featured image, my home is the green titanic thing on the right.  By July, we will have completed the purchase of the home to the left, and the interior renovations will be complete affording an additional bed or two in the small flat on the third floor.  For the Fourth of July holiday, things will be cramped in our home and we will only have 2 spare bedrooms, each with a snuggle sized bed. After that day, we’ll have another bedroom available.  Bristol is a wonderful, walkable town and we live in the heart of it, across the street from a small beach and a block away from the Herreshoff Marine Museum, a collection of restored wooden sailboats designed by famed Nat Herreshoff.  This was the site where many early America’s Cup vessels were built.  I have included some pictures of the harbor.   All of these scenes are within a 10 or 15 minute walk.  There are two picturesque waterfront parks with walking trails on the east and west shores of Bristol.  The long and short of this post is when rest is in order Bristol is a damned good default option.  There are plenty of places to enjoy within walking distance.  Read a book under the shade of a tree overlooking the harbor.  Take a walk for an ice cream or a beer on the harbor at sunset.  I foresee a few days just enjoying Bristol.

Our Fourth of July parade is the oldest in the nation and passes directly in front of my home (you see a smidgeon of the red white and blue parade route line in the image).  Every night leading up the Fourth there are concerts on the waterfront, and the night before there is a grand fireworks display.   The town buzzes with excitement.  There is a carnival on the town common that makes for good photo opportunities, a ferris wheel to view the peninsula from above, and heart stopping rides for the unwary.

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