Scenes from the Herreshoff Marine Museum

These images demonstrate the different shooting experience with digital as opposed to film photography.  With the Nikon D850 there is mega-detail for recovery in the shadows.  So you shoot to that.  Wanting the sky, I left the darks at varying degrees of underexposure.  I shot these using the vivid setting in this camera, something I dont’ often do and then processed them in Capture One.  I like the one click edit using the Cinematic profile (sometimes layering different “cinema” looks on top of one another), then adjust the white balance and shadows minimally and I’m done.  For the camera profile for the D 850 in Capture One I used “standard film”.  The D850 is an immensely capable camera.  It has much more ability than I will ever have.  I used the miraculous 12-24 lens for these shots.  The featured image is a beautiful Herreshoff sloop, still laid up for the season.

Capture One is a great program, it has lots more bells and whistles than Lightroom.  I normally use Lightroom from familiarity, but I am using Capture One more and more.

I am on a serious shooting lull.  While shooting film, I feel like I am doing it just to finish the roll.  And it takes me an awfully long time to finish.  I need a change of surroundings in a very big way.

I will send off 6 more rolls for development by Northeast Photographic tomorrow.  This lab is great.

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