A Potted Plant

I was given the opportunity to feature imagery on the Film Shooters Collective’s Instagram feed this weekend. As I am prone to do, I was not prepared and on the day before I sifted through some recent images and some old ones and decided to link them together into a theme. It is the first time I have ever linked images together to tell a story. It was the telling of the story I enjoyed most from the process. The fact of a story being afoot wasn’t evident since most people peered only at individual images. My story was one made after the harvest. It was not a visual tale wrought from seedlings. I admire photographers and other artists who create from intent rather than in response to it.

I have pangs of empiness after the weekend in the glow of the FSC’s Instagram hot point. I am back to sharing thoughts and images here and elsewhere in relative anonymity, and I feel like a potted plant.

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Husband, dad, photographer, old camera lover, lawyer.

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