Film Delve

I have put the cameras down for a time. I need a break from photography. These rolls came back from Northeast Photographic, the new lab I am using to develop color film. The lab does a good job of balancing the images in the scanning process, requiring very little additional editing. These images were shot with a Fuji GA 645 aside from one made using a Zeiss Super Ikonta camera. Films vary between Ektar and Fuji Pro 400h. Some of the images were shot on a photo walk with friend Steve in Newport, others around town in Bristol or Providence.

Fuji GA 645 Fuji 400h, Newport
Fuji GA 645 Ektar, Newport
Fuji GA 645 Ektar (?), Newport
Zeiss Super Ikonta, Ektar, Providence
Fuji GA 645 Ektar, Newport
Fuji GA 645 Ektar
Fuji GA 645 FujiPro 400h

2 thoughts on “Film Delve

  1. Tobias Mann says:

    Great shots. I love Ektar, and I actually just finished writing a review of 400H. It’s a great portrait film in my opinion, but it does require a fair bit of editing after scanning, but that is by design really. Ektar is perhaps my favorite “Pro” film. I love how punchy it is. Hope you pick up the cameras again soon!


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