Don Betts’ Boats

In this image are two of Don Betts’ beautiful hand crafted rowing dories, Cady (against the bulwarks) and Lady Morrow. Mumsy and I chatted with Don last night as he was fiddling on Cady. We learned that Cady is named after a historic ship captain and Lady Morrow is named after a prominent woman in the womens’ suffrage movement. I have chatted with Don a few times. The first time was on Water Street in Warren. I was returning home from sinking waist deep into mud on the Palmer River while holding my camera bag. In changed clothes, I saw Don and a friend loading a few dories onto a trailer and I stopped to take some pictures from across the street with my Hasselblad. Don saw me and remarked that he too owned a Hasselblad and could not get it to work. We walked to his home and I was able to fix it. From recollection the shutter screws on the lens and body were out of alignment. I have an image of Cady hanging for display at Angelina’s Cafe. Don’s career involved commercial photography in New York City. Now he lives in Warren and, among other things, messes with boats.

Cady and Lady Morrow on the Warren River – Ricoh GR III

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