A Gift from Earl

I was given three 100 foot rolls of 1990 expired (freezer kept) Agfa APX 100 35mm film. These shots are from the first roll. I developed the roll using a recipe found on the net: Rodinal 1:100 for 20 minutes, agitate the first 30 seconds then a gentle agitation every 30 seconds. I shot the images with a Nikon FM3a and Nikkor 105 f 2.5 lens. I exposed sometimes using the meter and other times not. The image in the restaurant of the chef and tomatoes was shot at a very slow shutter speed hand-held, a deep breath shot. Many of the images lacked contrast and unfortunately I had to fiddle with them in Lightroom. For the next roll I will try a different developer and use more care with exposure. Regardless, I got a few pleasing images, and here they are.

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