Night Exposures, X100v

The X100 is a wonderful camera for long exposures. My Leica only allows short duration exposures at night meaning I have to ramp up the ISO. The Fuji firmware permits in camera exposures of up to 15 minutes! There is zero need to use a remote shutter by employing the self timer. Manual exposure is easy by increasing the ISO to focus using focus peaking. Then bringing the ISO back down – this is a neat trick I learned in a workshop put on by the Photographic Society of Rhode Island. As is always the case with night imagery around Bristol Harbor the street and dock lights wreak havoc on white balance. I shot these at temperature 4000 and it was still not “cool” enough to remove the reddish cast from the streetlights and I had to fiddle with it further in processing.

The original images retained the color cast from the street lights. I post a second set where the color yellow is desaturated and I made the white balance cooler. I think the second set is more pleasing

Usually more lights are on in the house in the foreground to give interest, but I reckon being out past the inhabitants’ bedtime.

The camera pairs beautifully with the simple Peak Design Travel Tripod. It is a nice unit with easily employed legs and good rigidity despite being extremely light and compact.

I am experimenting with different editing programs to process Fuji Raw files.

Capture One Moab preset Original
Capture One Redwood preset Original

Lukas Pliatek Cool Highlight preset in Capture One
With color corrections in Lightroom (reduced yellow color, colder temperature)

With color corrections (same as above)

Finally I tried Iridient Developer. I actually like these versions the best. Here I adjusted the red and blue and green channels and cooled white balance. The images seem sharper in this program.

Iridient Developer #1 I was able to get the truest colors from this processing.
Iridient Developer #2

3 thoughts on “Night Exposures, X100v

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Raj, Fuji colors have always been a sticking point for me. It is one reason why abandoned the system as my primary. I much prefer Nikon digital colors. The street lights were very difficult to color balance and I had the easiest time using Iridient. It is known to be Fuji friendly. Ordinarily with images having WB issues I punt to black and white, but monochrome did not work for these. This camera is superb for street imagery with the new articulating screen. I am still figuring out how to get the most out of it.


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