Van’s Spa, a Bristol Institution

Around these parts we have a collection of what are called Bristol Characters. Manny Rego fits squarely within the Character Club. His diner is splattered wall to wall with newspaper clippings of sports events, things political, photographs and all manner of other stuff. One could spend days flitting around the walls while munching on the cuisine that has a “WOW” Factor according to Manny’s trademark menu and window embellishment. Manny banters with everyone, remembering customers’ family. He always asks about one’s father and mother and uncles and aunts to draw upon his memory bank. It is the place to go for breakfast in Bristol. I shot these while having breakfast with Matt Hayes and Alayne White in a meeting intended to solve the world’s problems. We did not get very far. I used my Rolleiflex and had a slow-ish film loaded and ended up with a good remembrance.

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