The Whole Enchilada, Pentax 67

I am flabbergasted. I shot three rolls on my Pentax 67 on Sunday and all but one (bad focus) was passable. I was worried because the take up spool from the left is winding very sluggishly and it took some effort, on top of the weight of the camera, to advance the film. I shot these entirely with Sunny 16 and used the waist level finder for all of the shots. I am very pleased not only with the images which are for all intents and purposes straight from this beautiful camera (minor crops and horizon straightens), but from the fact I was able to accomplish so many good exposures. I used the PHENOMENAL 105 mm F 2.4 lens, largely shot at F8 and higher. One happy photographer sits in this chair. I mistakenly deleted the photos so reloaded them….

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