Tools of the trade

This is my desk in an unusually kept state, with “tools” I use professionally and personally. When I grow up (I am 63) I’d like to dedicate all my time to the camera. I have been carrying my M3 around but not shooting it, since I am enjoying so much experimenting with the M8. Mounted to the M3 is the Zeiss 35 f 1.4, the finest lens that I own. I have owned the M3 for a long time, and will never part with it. One of the issues, so often encountered, is I am not sure what film is in the M3. This niggle comes from shooting so many (actually too many) different cameras. I really should purge my camera collection, but have spent a lot of time assembling important (in a historical and technical sense) ones and I have difficulty parting with them. The good news is I don’t want or need any more cameras. I love seeing the technological advances over time, especially in the Nikon SLR system. The Nikons are by far the most reliable cameras in my collection, and the easiest film cameras to shoot without fuss. Rangefinders are more work especially from wearing eyeglasses, but have an allure of their own. At this point, my goal is to finish shooting all of the cameras with partially exposed film in them. This accomplishment would be a purge in and of itself. I am not much on completing tasks such as this, so time will tell.

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