Winter seascapes

It has been a trying week in the continuing arduous times. I have been taking a picture or so a day to fulfill my joining project 365, a task to force me to use my cameras. This past week two of my colleagues were hospitalized from complications of Covid, causing me much distress. It was time to visit the sea where I feel safe and away from the clouds of uncertainty and fear. The Nikon D850 certainly has its place, and this is one of them. I shot these images with the superb 14-24 wide angle lens. I don’t use this combination nearly enough but when I do satisfaction results. These images were shot on Ocean Drive in Newport. Going to Newport today felt right. My forbears emigrated here from Ireland and hence there is a feeling of being rooted and not alone. The sea was calm. With turbulent waters, these rock formations can be very treacherous. There was difficulty navigating the jagged surfaces due to ice and snow, but I stepped to and from open flat sections of rock to remain upright. I hope you enjoy the images, and they take you away from whatever troubles burdening you, as the process did for me.

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