I have had a difficult week and forced myself to get out to take some photographs. I had a fixed 300mm F4 lens mounted on my new (purchased used) Nikon D500 to take this shot. I am not getting on with the micro four thirds system at all, and the kit is likely to be sold. These are quite substantial crops. He (or she) caught me in the act in photo #2.

2 thoughts on “Osprey

  1. rajmohan says:

    Lovely. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the m43 kit – hope you find the ideal gear to pursue the birds!

  2. lasousa2015 says:

    Hi Raj, the D500 was built for this stuff. Much better (but heavier). It has a huge buffer and more FPS than a D850, I don’t like shooting in burst because that means sorting through gazillions of images. Either way, hand carrying a long lens is ungainly. I’m going to put a strap attachment on the lens foot next time so the lens hangs straight down, and a stout and comfortable strap is a must. I’m going to give it a run with my monopod also. The D500 will give me 1.4X, but for this type of photography focal length is more more more and 300mm (as here – 300 F4) is child’s play. I try to be mindful of not getting into the bird’s comfort zone. With an osprey, that is quite a swath. Just as I finished, the bird took flight and the width of its wingspan was quite a sight to see. I believe it is about 2 feet. I really like the colors from the Nikon’s inners. This was shot in “standard” mode, and the colors are very lifelike. The 300 (D series) is a fantastic lens. Focus is very quick. I love the retractable hood and fantastic build. Mine has a bit of squeak while focusing (sometimes) and hopefully that will work away with use.


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