Providence from the sky

I have had this drone sitting in a bag for a long time. I decided to finally give it a run tonight, inspired by Kyle Walker a/k/a The WhiteWalker. The light was beautiful and I did not fiddle much with the camera settings, nor did I feel the need to use any filters. I edited the images in Lightroom. The out of camera imagery is intensely saturated and I went with the theme, although it’s not my norm. I got up pretty close to the Superman Building from about a half mile or so away. With a second battery I flew south over the I-Way bridge and had a bit of a scare when I started to lose signal. But the drone returned to home, right where it started. I am very inexperienced with this drone. The Hasselblad lens appears to be insanely sharp. I did take some video clips and have no idea how to edit them. I’ll import them into the Adobe program and see how they look.


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