Portraits in film, pentax 645

I shot these portraits and people shots on Fourth of July. Everyone was very happy and relaxed. Our town, usually electric on the Fourth of July, had a somber feel to it. The exhaustion of the last few years has taken an emotional toll on everyone. That tone does not appear in these images.

From a camera geek end, I am posting these for James Collins, a film shooter friend from New York City. All of the images were developed by the fantastic Kerry’s Warwick Photo lab in Warwick, Rhode Island. These images are as scanned by Kerry, absent some minor crops.

I was amazed that my 10 rolls of film, dropped off at 1 p.m. were ready for pickup SAME DAY! I chatted with her and learned there actually IS a film resurgence, especially among the young and this is heartwarming good news. She has a Frontier 500 that she largely maintains herself, but it is soon to be replaced with a new unit. She bought the existing Frontier for pennies on the dollar, but from the resurgence of film the cost of another unit is now $6,000.

The images were taken with what is becoming “my” camera, the Pentax 645NII. This camera fits what I do perfectly and to a T. I love the 6 X 4.5 format and the rendering of the kit 75mm lens used in these images. All images were shot using Kodak Portra @200 and were presumably developed normally by Kerry.

I am going to put a “dump” of other images from the 10 rolls Kerry developed into my film images portfolio also.

I hope you and the subjects enjoy these portraits of people very close to me and their friends (along with a parade favorite of a drummer).

PS. If the images have a caption of “FSC Meetup” it is because I cannot for the life of me figure out how to eliminate that from my ongoing posts.

Until next time, Louis.

4 thoughts on “Portraits in film, pentax 645

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Thank you so much Catherine, it is much appreciated. My grandparents emigrated from the Azores (Sao Miguel and Terceira). I have a few posts of imagery from my visits there. Be well, Louis.

  1. kali66nz says:

    Hazel with a tear in her eye is very charming


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