Winter is coming, and a look back

The first flakes of snow fell in New England this afternoon. Soon the ground will be laden with and beautified by the snow.

I loaded this image into my WordPress library and noticed having over 4,000 images there. This library represents the evolution of my photography. A “memory” appeared on my Facebook page from 10 years ago. It was my image of a painter creating a piece showing two ballet dancers. It was not a good image, but at the time I thought differently. My photography instincts and interests have evolved immeasurably since beginning, as a grief coping mechanism, with a Nikon D 40 and plasticky 18-55mm kit lens (a sharp lens) in 2009, the year my daughter succumbed suddenly to the swine flu. Since that day, I have faced immense obstacles. Aside from the support of my family, taking pictures has been a constant, enabling me to forge on. Photography has brought many gifts, the best of which is my large circle of like minded friends from Italy, Germany, New Zealand, Wales, Switzerland, Australia, England, China, Canada, Spain and beyond, and many of the 50 U.S. states. At home I have befriended several photographers, each of whom has much more talent than me. Better still, each of these friends selflessly pays it forward to better my journey. For all of this and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am thankful more than these humble words can express.

To the photography community and the gift of the sun’s light and the nights darkness, a heartfelt thank you.

Winter, 2020 Newport, Rhode Island

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