Florida Bird-Life

The birdlife here in and near Bradenton Florida where I am wintering is a great beyond words. I am still a newbie at this genre, but am getting the hang of panning for birds in flight shot at Robinson Preserve in Bradenton. My first images, shot from a chair in my backyard were of Turkey Vultures – ominous looking creatures – (not posted) circling around the neighborhood. The feeding osprey was on a utility pole across the street from my house. There are a host of great birding locales I hope to visit. These are all Nikon digital images – top 3 and last image are D850 and 24-70 and the others are D500 and 500mm PF lens, a phenomenal combination for flighted birds. My hit rate for birds in flight is getting better from being mindful of the position of the sun and wind direction.

Osprey in Flight
Osprey Nest Building

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