Fujifilm GFX

I have had this camera for about one week. I was a long time Fujifilm digital devotee, then switched back to Nikon. The GFX 100s was too much to resist, a powerful took packed into a relatively small package. This will be a shooter’s thoughts on using the camera.

Working with such large files is a challenge. I have to load images in small doses on my M1 Mac with only 16 Ram. Lightroom and Capture One seem to handle the images well on my computer. The sliders are very jumpy in Lightroom, exposure changes seem to pop more quickly than with smaller images. I am exporting for web display with a limit of 20MP. Loading larger images onto the site is a struggle.

January 2, 2023 (Route 114, Bristol RI)

Lens 45mm F 2.8, Handheld, mid afternoon, cloudy

The New Year is here. These shots are from and near the Herreshoff Marine Museum a few blocks from my home. As expected the images abound with detail. Most impressive to me is how the highlights hold, even with an increase in exposure. I edited slightly with white balance and with the highlights in the sky, they are all there to be had (much more than the naked eye beheld).

I am not crazy about the toggle button on the back of the camera. It is a bit small, and there is no way it could be managed with gloves on.

January 5, 2023 (Providence River)

45mm Lens, Camera held against a support

It was another overcast, misty day that carried into the night. I took this shot by bracing the camera against the railing, exposing for 2.1 seconds at F 4 and ISO 400, A priority, AF. I tried handholding but could not get a sharp image. The only edit is a small increase to exposure. Colors are from in camera white balance change. Again the sky’s highlights are quite marvelous, and even the lighting on the bridge did not blow out.


  • when I got a newer camera I reduced the resolution in-camera because unless i want to print them its really not worth having such large files, they take up sp much space on my memory card . i only really look at them on my laptop screen !

    • Hi Kali, you are right. When do the megapixel advances outstrip what is important and useful? To me, sharpness and detail are for the most part secondary things. Your imagery is not about these traits, they are about soul. There is benefit that so much detail is retained in these images. So far this is especially apparent in the highlights – I have not fiddled with shadow detail yet. On these dense images, I raise the exposure in LR and the highlights don’t blow out. It is rather startling. I hate making edits – it is cumbersome – and these images out of the camera substantially minimize the need to edit. I am thinking ahead to what I am going to do in retirement. One of the things I would like is to create large seascapes, whether single images or panoramas or multiple “stitched” but independent frames, and perhaps sell them in summer fairs or galleries. Americans like “big”. I love the sea, and I know you do too. I feel alive there. It would keep me outdoors actively, and get me out meeting people something that is hard for me if I am not pushed. My real dream was to own a coffee shop that is photo centric, but I don’t like to get up until the sun is warm, so that dream probably won’t be realized!

      • That would be great to do more with photos than just keep them as digital files. Perhaps you could be part of a cafe without having to run the thing day to day,

  • Many consumers have displays less than 4096 x 2160 or 8 megapixels. Most have displayed under 1920 x 1080 or 2 megapixels. The best consumer computer displays have 5K. 5K is a display resolution measuring 5120 x 2880 pixels or 14.75 megapixel. Why are you uploading 20 megapixel images to the web? Who’s your audience?

    • Hi Khurt, I appreciate your interest. I honestly am not very savvy when it comes to megapixels and displays. I would appreciate some advice from you on working with these immense files for web display. Honestly, I have an audience of one. M. If anyone else shows interest then that is a bonus. I see this blog as a life journal and a continuance of my passion for photography, a hobby begun and continuing as a escape from grief after losing my daughter 13 years ago. As far as the size of my uploaded files goes, 20mp ix a safe size to upload onto social media such as FB and on Project 365 where I have been posting for several years and through which I have met many great friends from around the world. In Capture One, there is a preset for 2MP web display images from your insight I now understand why. If that is the norm for these purposes I will have learned something, thanks to you. Kindest regards, and I will enjoy viewing your imagery. Louis.

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