Sofia and Aysha

Sofia, on the left, was (and is) my deceased daughter Victoria’s best friend. I will never forget how kind her family was to Victoria. She loved the Portuguese steak that Sofia’s father Arthur cooked up. Sofia and Victoria spent a lot of time on the soccer field. Victoria was long and lean, like a gazelle and Sofia was the relentless energizer. Sofia went on to play Division I soccer at the University of Rhode Island and only God knows if that is a path Victoria would have followed. Shortly before she passed, she told me she wanted to be a doctor. Like Sofia, on the soccer field Victoria was relentless and fearless and I am sure this would have translated into a life of achievement had her life not been shortened to twelve years. Sofia is now a nurse, living in London with her loving partner Aysha. I chatted briefly with Aysha before taking this and a few other pictures, and she is surely thoughtful and kind soul. Sofia will always hold a special place in my heart, and is a means of fond remembrance. L.

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