Micro four thirds

Having a hankering to photograph wildlife, I decided to take the plunge and get a micro four thirds camera, a Panasonic GH5. I have a few nice lenses for it also. Having tried photographing birds with a Nikon and a long lens, I found that wasn’t for me. The image quality is surely superior, but the weight of the rig took the fun out of it. The micro four thirds kit is small and light, even with a 100 – 400 lens mounted, making trekking with a backpack easier on my quirky back.

February 28, 2021.

These images were shot on the Tiverton Rhode Island waterfront, some underneath the new Sakonnet River Bridge. I navigated under the old Sakonnet River Bridge many times in my sailboat and it was always a white knuckle experience from the riptide caused by the convergence of the Sakonnet River and Mount Hope Bay. I used the 100 – 400 lens, having tried to photograph birds earlier. It is a very nice lens, well built and it withstood some nasty rain yesterday. I realized after the bird attempt that I did not have the lens image stabilization on. I probably would have had better luck with birds in flight with the OIS on. I processed one image using a black and white toning filter, otherwise I just played with exposure and altered the whites and blacks, my usual editing method.

March 3, 2021

The Olympus 40 – 150 lens is a marvelous lens. I love the build quality, the ease of zoom, and the fact the lens has a depth of field scale.

March 23, 2021

The Olympus 40 – 150 is a very fine lens.


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