First Try, Reality So Subtle 4X5

The start of a learning process with this wooden box pinhole camera.   I used Fuji Acros and an IPhone App to establish exposure time.   The scan has “newton rings” and the negative accumulated a fair amount of dust fixed in software somewhat.  So I’ll wash the negative and try a wet scan later tonight.  I have 6 more images, all color to develop and look forward to the results.  The image is surprisingly sharp in pinhole terms.   The camera is quite user friendly.  Finger over the shutter to open manually, remove the finger after opening the shutter, return the finger to the shutter to stop exposure and close the shutter.  Film back attachment is easy and secure.  The field of view is a learning process, were I to do this shot again I would have gotten closer to the beach shower.  In future pinholes I will try harder to bring something of interest into the immediate foreground.   I scanned at high resolution and the image was on the order of 380 megabytes!


5 thoughts on “First Try, Reality So Subtle 4X5

  1. jesús joglar says:

    Wonderful start with a 4×5 pinhole camera. Go for it, with a few more shots you will handle the framing without viewfinder.
    In my opinion, pinhole is the most rewarding way of making photographs!!!

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Thank you. Were I to do this again, closer and probably in landscape orientation. From each photo we learn. I’ll load some more film today and try again. I have some images to develop yet, will post any that are half way decent.


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