Dinner at Eduardo’s

Eduardo Ribeiro loves to party!  In fact, this coming week he will be holding a party at his grand home for 300 people.  He lays claim to many more parties to come, since he projects himself to live to between 150 and 200 years old!  The party will include a full on village band.  He and his beautiful wife Mary Lou cooked us a fabulous dinner served on the outdoor patio overlooking the ocean.  The island is a haven for Hydrangeas.  They line the streets and highways, and serve as boundary markers for the fields.  Eduardo is in the throes of constructing a new building on the waterfront containing another kitchen.  It will be up and running for the party.   He told us his great story of emigrating to the US, arriving on a Friday and going to work the following morning as a carpenter.  He built a successful construction company rooted from working for other emigrees from the Azores.


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