Images from Grammy’s Street and Neighborhood

These images were taken from Grammy’s street.  I walked all over the village looking for Rua Da Vittoria, asking people of they new its location without success.  Disappointed, I started a return to our villa and met a friend Eduardo Ribeiro who, after offering me  a drink (it was 10 a.m.!), I successfully asked him for help.  Within minutes after Eddie’s questioning a few villagers, I was standing on Rua Da Vitoria, a mere block away from the villa of Antonio and Aida Arruda, our gracious hosts.  Rua Da Vitoria is directly behind the church in the village’s central square.  The street slopes to the ocean to a beautiful beach with breathtaking views of the volcanic island offshore.   I was unable to determine the number of the home where Grammy lived.  I am sure it was a humble place, and will endeavor find her home on my next visit.

I was walking the day before near the marina and a nice couple stopped to ask where I was from.  They told me Rua Vittoria was near the Chapel da Natividade.  Directions were given but I was unable to follow them properly until meeting Eddie by chance the next day.  The chapel is beautiful and some images of it appear here.  I do hope my brothers enjoy these images.  Taking them brought me to tears.

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