Faial da Terra

My contribution to the idea mill was to go on a hike in the mountains to enjoy a swim in the cool water from the waterfalls.  It was a long car ride to Faial da Terra.  We had a rigorous hike up (and down) the “easy” trail.  We were replenished from a swim in the sparkling cool waters of the beautiful waterfall.   As we descended the trail I came upon the huts of a farm, some abandoned, and found a place where terra cotta tiles were being made.  The vistas as we approached the village were beautiful.  The yellow flowers are a form of ginger that are found throughout the island.  Its leaves are used to envelope cheeses for freshness.


4 thoughts on “Faial da Terra

  1. Lisa Greany Raiola says:

    Don’t you love those “EASY” trails. Apparently made for hikers aging 15 through 30 — lol. GREAT shots Lou..

    1. lasousa2015 says:

      Yes, going down was harder than going up! We were walking on cobblestones and everybody was groaning. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for the kind words LG! I still have another SD card and also 20 rolls of film! Unknowingly I was shooting raw and .jpeg for every image so when I load into Lightroom my computer starts to piss and moan….

    2. lasousa2015 says:

      Lisa all but the Faial images (Sony RX 100 point and shoot) were shot with Leica M240 and 35mm F2 Leica lens. The lens is small and light. The camera while small weighs a ton! It was liberating to use just one lens, envision things from its capabilities and work from there….


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