Someone Like Me

Louis:  “Dear self, am I obsessed or just passionate about photography?”   Self: “Well dear Louis, let’s delve into your mind.”  Louis: “Humble Self, I don’t recommend that, it’s dangerous in there!”  Self: “Nah, it ain’t dangerous in there, but it is a sticky enough wicket.  So let’s poke around in the weeds.  An obsession is an idea or thought that constantly occupies one’s mind.  On many levels you have that in spades.  Didn’t you just drive away without your phone and forget to take your medicine again?  Sub-definitions include the words “compulsive” and “loss of control”.   Continuing down that rabbit hole, compulsiveness is an irresistible urge against one’s conscious wishes.  Since this hobby is not against your wishes dear wandering-minded one, and since with practice you are gaining control of the eye’s wandering (the rest of this inquiry for another very long day) it follows that you are not obsessed with making images.”  Louis:  “Wow, what a relief!  I thought I was compulsive.”  Self:  “Son, don’t get carried away, remember I said we have a reserved discussion for another very long day?”  Louis:  “A small victory of parsed relief, ahhhh.”  Self:  “Passion as a verb refers to a powerful expression of emotion.  On this score, photography is a tool for expression of your soul, er, me, and I’ll leave the powerful part up to those who view your images.  Passion as a noun refers to something one is strongly interested in and enjoys.  I think you slot in there right neatly!  This part of you keeps me all warm and fuzzy.”

Louis:  “This is an image of one who overtly shares my passion, but for all I know is a closeted compulsive too!”

Self:  “Yes, I venture you are right.”

Someone Like Me

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