Shot on 18 9 28 (:}

Dearest camera gods.  Why on your blessed earth would you think it wondrous to implant the date on a film frame?  Trust me, after looking at the majority of these scans 18  9 28 is a date I would prefer to sweep into the dust pile!  And while you are pondering that, were you on opioids when you set your Japanese friends to wonking the Konica Hexar AF controls and those tiny rubber buttons that lead one into Alice and Wonderland?  Yes, it was a glorious sky on 18  9 28 that I failed to capture.   And yes, most of the shots taken with this camera including the many unintended of my feet and the speckled pavement were rubbish.   Yes, I did manage to press the shutter a few times within the vicinity of my eye, and I kinda see what the fuss is all about.  But because of you, I have a permanent reminder now of the date I bloody blew the photo gasket!  I have put out an SOS to other fools who slobber over this camera on how to remove the date imprint.  On the next roll shot using this impersonator of a Leica Summicron, may I return to the salvation of anonymity free from those 5 digits that look like they came from a Pac Man screen?  Sorry for the rant.  Can you show me a little love on the next roll, pretty please?

Fuji Acros 100.  Diafine underdeveloped the shadows, or perhaps it was me from opting for a metering point.  I like the featured image of the fisherman very much, as well as the two of the biker dude sculpture.


FishermanBiker DudeSculptureBiker Dude-2Unhappy AC Unit


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