Kodak Plus X 125, Long Expired

My friend Suzanne Barnes gave me a box full of expired film.  It is at least 25 years old given the dates on the boxes.   This was a cool roll of Plus X.  The images required some exposure and contrast but came out to a pleasant surprise.  I shot the film at 80 ISO but honestly 60 or 50 ISO would have been more appropriate.   I had to increase exposure in processing by a stop to a stop and a half on most of the images, but the most important thing is the details were hidden in the darkness.  I used Diafine to develop this film, probably not the optimal developer, but I am lazy and it was easy to develop 5 rolls of film in Diafine at the same time having speeds ranging from this one all the way through 400 ISO.  I like the results from Diafine very much, no stop bath needed and I used a few drops of dish soap for wetting agent, it worked fine.


Thank you SB!

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