The Coronet, Making Progress

From my last visit in the Spring with Domenico Dodaro the Coronet’s shipwrights at Newport’s International Yacht Restoration School are making tremendous progress in the full reconstruction of her from the keel all the way up.  The hull planking is very far along.  The planking is two layers of wood.  Each layer is 2″ thick, and must be steamed to bend it to the contours of the ribbing.  The joinery is offset for water-tightness.  There are a few other images of a vessel on Bowen’s wharf (figurehead and rescue boat).  There are a few random shots of waterfront bar chairs and some Beetle Catboats under restoration at IYRS.

The Konica Hexar performed up to its reputation in these images.  I am quite impressed.  Film:  Ilford HP4+ shot at box speed.

I figured out how to remove the blasted date stamp too!


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2 thoughts on “The Coronet, Making Progress

    1. It will probably be a few more years before she is launched again. I was in the harbor on an overnight stay in my sailboat when she was brought to Newport for restoration. It was quite a celebration. I’ll try to get access a few more times to show progress. I turns out the shop foreman was a college friend of mine.


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